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Up-to-date information and advice on how to excel in the competitive entry process to Anaesthetic Core Training. We will fully prepare you for one of the most important days of your career: The Anaesthetic Interview.

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Fantastic course. Gave me so much confidence and security in my preparation.
Enthusiastic, knowledgeable speakers. Useful tips and advice on application.
100% of our delegates would recommend our courses.
Really useful. Cleared up all of my questions about the application process.

How to Score Highly
in the Anaesthetic Interview August 2024 Entry

We Offer

We have an extensive and continually updated question bank for the new format online interviews thanks to feedback from hundreds of previous applicants.

Our courses provide up-to-date information on succeeding in the competitive entry process for Anaesthetic / ACCS Core Training.  We guide you through the application, teach you the techniques to score highly in the MSRA exam, and prepare you thoroughly for one of the most important days of your career; The Anaesthetic Interview.  This year, we offer:

Maximise Your Score

Over the last seven years, our continually evolving Application and Interview Skills Courses have received consistently and resoundingly positive feedback. Please ask Anaesthetic trainees in your own hospital about us. There’s an excellent chance they got their own training jobs after coming on one of our courses.

We design our courses to be ruthlessly focused on maximising each individual candidate’s score in the Anaesthetics / ACCS recruitment process.  We do this because we undertook a multitude of generic interview skills courses when applying for our own training numbers, and quickly realised a much more specialty-specific approach was required to score well in the Anaesthetic Interview.

We did not want to waste people’s time and money by offering only generic interview advice (everyone knows to smile and sit up straight by now) or gimmicks like individual CV analysis (top tip – you do NOT need to produce a CV at any stage in the process – so please do not waste your valuable time on courses offering to help you with this!!!).

Ensure Your Dream Job

We delivered the original Anaesthetics interview course in the UK for Core Training applicants in 2015. Whilst our courses have grown beyond recognition over the years, we remain the biggest and the best provider for applicants to Anaesthetic / ACCS Training with the majority of delegates securing one of their top choice jobs.

We know it is tough.  We know it is competitive.  And we know this is the first postgraduate job interview a lot of you will have faced. However rest assured, we have been doing this longer than anyone else.  We know what exactly what you need to do to excel in this recruitment process.  We understand that you will have personal, highly individual challenges and concerns throughout recruitment, and that is exactly what we are here for.

We genuinely do care about guiding you successfully through every step of the way.  Hearing back from you when you obtain your dream CT1 Anaesthetics / ACCS job is the best part of our job, and I can promise we will always do our absolute best to make that awesome moment happen for you.

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