The reviews from attendees serve as a powerful endorsement of the value we provide. In essence, the thoughts and opinions of our attendees shape the trajectory of our courses, contributing to the ongoing success and refinement of our educational offerings.

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Previous Course Feedback

“Fantastic course. Gave me so much confidence and security in my preparation. Starting my CT1 job in August”

“Thankyou so much. I got my first choice job and wouldn’t have done it without your support. The course and email advice service was invaluable”

“Exactly what I wanted – in depth about how to apply. Answered all my questions and concerns and clarified my stance on application. Thanks so much!”

“Rich source of good ideas of how to improve my portfolio, prepare etc.”

“Very informative”

“Very informative and focused”

“Good speakers. Confident delivery and good knowledge. Really useful information for application”

“Friendly and informative speakers”

“Very engaging presenters who provided a real insight”

“Very informative, great useful information. Both Josie and Matt very approachable and knowledgeable and very enthusiastic”

“It was pretty empowering. I am someone who always worries and self deprecates, so it was very useful in that regard”

“Fantastic course! Really opened my eyes to what I need to do and how to do it”

“Very knowledgeable speakers. Useful first hand experiences”

“Well tailored to our level of training and what we need to prepare for application”

“Excellent break down of entry criteria”

“Very detailed – important dates, useful websites, very relevant information”

“Enthusiastic, knowledgeable speakers. Useful tips and advice on application. Very practical”

“Opened my eyes to the breadth of experiences required for a successful interview/portfolio”

“Really informative. High yield. Invaluable”

“Very useful to hear about the future and where anaesthetics is heading as a specialty”

“Very good overview……..Encouraged me to try and maximise points in areas that I was not expecting to gain points in”

“Very informative and very professionally presented”

“Extremely informative. Great speakers. Very approachable”

“Really useful. Cleared up all of my questions about the application process. Clear outcomes and content”

“Realistic insight re. application process”

“Really good at breaking down parts of application so we can see which areas to work on”

“Speakers very good at engaging the audience”

“Will recommend to other colleagues”

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